Rectangular Commercial Fiberglass Planter Liner 35in.L x 17inW x 17inH

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Choose a cost-effective solution for preserving your container garden display by adding moisture-resistant liners to large commercial planters. These lightweight fiberglass planter liners have a design that keeps soil and water away from the planter wall, thus deterring the effects of corrosion, mold, and rot on stone, metal, and wood garden container. Large rectangular liners are available in a variety of sizes. We've included drainage holes to promote healthy plant growth, but custom fiberglass planter inserts without holes or with irrigation systems can be created on request.

Liner Fit:

  • 35"L x 17"W x 17"H size fits most planters 36"L x 18"W x 18"H

Protect Your Investment with Liner Inserts

When you've invested in a large commercial planter, the last thing you want is for it to become damaged by the elements or root systems and show wear and tear prematurely. Our Fiberglass Planter Liners allow you to protect your investment and keep planters of all varieties looking like new for longer. These durable liners are lighter in weight than most other commercial products and are simple to use. Just place the liner inside your existing rectangular planter and enjoy years of maintenance-free container garden beauty. Since they come with predrilled drainage holes you won't even have to worry about overwatering. Say goodbye to corrosion, rot, and mold and hello to healthy root systems!

Use in Existing Containers or In-Ground

Whether you use it with a metal, wood or stone planter, the protective fiberglass will create an effective shield when buried in the ground and will prevent root systems of the plants from compromising the integrity of the planter in which it is contained. Even prolific root systems or larger plants like ornamental trees won't be a problem with these heavy-duty liners. Never again worry about wooden planters warping, stone planters cracking, or plastic planters bowing. And for direct in-ground applications, there's no better way to protect your rectangular flowerbed from becoming infested with invasive plants like dandelion and crabgrass. Cut back on weeding chores while displaying a perfectly shaped garden. Custom orders for this model are available upon request.

All of our fiberglass planter inserts shown online all include drainage holes to promote healthy root systems. Call toll free to request no drainage holes or for custom waterproof planter liners. Convenient sub-irrigation and self-watering reservoir systems can also be installed to make your container gardening experience as simple as possible. Great for busy business owners and commercial property designers!

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Top Length35"
Top Width17"
Planter TypeLiner
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