Commercial Furniture and Site Amenities

Furniture & Site Amenities Buying Guide

Commercial furniture and site amenities bring functionality and style to any space. The right pieces can make parks, public streets, shopping centers, offices, and other public areas seem more inviting and well-kept. We offer high-quality commercial pieces for all sorts of clients, including custom designs. Planters Unlimited can create individual items for small projects as well as handle large orders to create a cohesive look throughout a space. We use a myriad of commercial-grade materials to complete a project, ranging from concrete and wood to fiberglass, composites, and even stainless steel and recycled plastics.

Commercial and Outdoor Furniture

Commercial Furniture for Any Business

Our beautiful assortment of durable benches, tabletops, and space dividers add to the attractiveness of any space, indoors or out. They are perfect for:

• Parks       • Apartment Complexes
• Playgrounds       • Commercial Offices
• Picnic grounds       • School Campuses
• Restaurants       • And more!

We offer beautiful park benches are ideal for outdoor spaces, as well as bench planters. Fill them with live plants or choose some lifelike artificial plants that require minimal maintenance.

In addition to benches, we offer custom-made fiberglass tabletops for restaurants, cafes, bars, and bakeries. They can be sized to virtually any dimensions, whether you need small bistro-style tables for two people or a long table or countertop that everyone can congregate at. The tabletops can be mounted onto any existing bases, or if you prefer, we can custom-make those for you too! We even offer picnic tables for outdoor eating areas.

Planters can make any drab space appealing. Add in some easy-to-care-for artificial greenery and an office lobby becomes more inviting.

Divide up large spaces, create the illusion of privacy, or even guide visitors along a walkway with our elegant space dividers. We can custom design something to suit your needs and your decorating scheme. The space dividers double as planters so you can freshen up a space with some low-maintenance artificial greenery.

Site Storage and Site Amenities

Commercial Site Amenities

Site amenities improve any sort of commercial space. Commercial site amenities are practical, in that they help define a space, mark boundaries, and reduce upkeep by providing spaces for trash and recycling. They are also aesthetic, making an area more attractive and inviting.

Custom Trash Receptacles and Hospitality Recycling: Reduce littering by providing designated places for waste as well as recyclables such as plastic and aluminum.

Outdoor Urns: Add landscaping to an otherwise boring space with beautiful and highly durable outdoor urns. Perfect for offices, restaurants, sports venues, and more!

Storage containers: Keep tools and equipment handy but out of reach of visitors with our stylish storage containers. Perfect for patios, poolsides, parks, and more!

Custom Designs for Any Space

Planters Unlimited can custom manufacture all kinds of commercial furniture and site amenities to suit your individual needs. We offer a diverse array of options, so you can choose not only the material but also the overall design, color and finish. There are options to suite virtually any design aesthetic, whether you prefer something traditional, or something a bit more contemporary.

No project is too large or small. Whether you're looking for just a couple small pieces to complete a redesign, or an entire set of commercial site amenities for a cohesive look, we are equipped to serve you!

Custom Made Site Amenities for your Project