Seattle Terrace ProjectSeattle Terrace Project

Marek Custom Fiberglass Planters, Philadelphia, PA

When approached by landscape contractor, Plantarium Living Environments, to manufacture planters and accents for Philadelphia's 1900 Market Street interior courtyard, Planters Unlimited left no stone unturned to deliver exactly what they were looking for. Incorporating approximately 80 planters in the outside space, the contractors requested manufacturing the planters using a fire retardant resin, per their building requirements.These planters were designed and built to the exact specifications, seamlessly integrating into the building's concrete-steel-glass curtain wall architectural features.

Custom Design Specifications

Rising to that challenge, Planters Unlimited followed the architect's specific design for clean, simple fiberglass planters using the popular Marek style, but with a twist. First, planters that were clustered and tiered showcased a subtle slope on either an individual planter side or as a planter extended 90 degrees from the group. Next, Plantarium did not want planters to have toe kicks around all four sides. Each one needed to be customized to reveal the toe kick on the outside only, thereby creating a seamless perimeter for the planter group as a whole.

Seattle Terrace ProjectSeattle Terrace Project
Seattle Terrace ProjectSeattle Terrace Project
Seattle Terrace ProjectSeattle Terrace Project
Seattle Terrace ProjectSeattle Terrace Project

Finishing Touches

From start to finish, our team worked with their designers to create the clean, crisp lines shown on each planter arrangement. The pristine white surface above the flirtatious toe kick bottoms of individual clusters provide just the appeal the designer was looking to achieve in this upscale courtyard setting. Once filled with an eclectic combination of succulents, grasses, small trees, and bright red blooms, the picture-perfect ambiance was completed.

Appreciated Property Value

By utilizing Planters Unlimited premium quality commercial planters, Planetarium Living Environments was able to help boost the market value of this commercial property from $34.8 million to an impressive $121 million!

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