54in. Heatherbrook Window Box Cage


Our 54" Heatherbook Window Box Cage is sure to add a touch of beauty to your home's exterior. Place this window box beneath a window or hang it from a deck or railing - either way, it will instantly increase your curb appeal. We offer several brackets that may work for you if you plan to hang this cage from a deck or railing, which you can view in our bracket section. If you will be mounting this window box to a wall, we feature vertical and horizontal mounting straps on the back of this cage for easy installation. Bolts are not included, but we do offer bolts separately to ensure that you purchase the ones designed for your wall. We manufacture this window box cage to fit 8" round planters or any of our 8"W rectangular liners. If you are going to use a rectangular liner inside of this cage, you may be interested in adding our 21.5" tapered reservoirs (Item # WW-TAP-21) to make the window box a self-watering window box. Due to the size of this cage, you will need to use (2) of the 21.5" tapered reservoirs to make sure that the entire length of the box is kept moist. These reservoirs hold approximately 1 gallon each and will store the water beneath the soil in your window box so that your plants can wick it up through their roots as necessary. Depending on your plants and location, you may be able to go up to two weeks without watering. This cage measures 55"L x 9"W x 9"H interior. The scrolls add 8" to the length and 4" to the width, making the exterior dimensions 63"L x 13"W x 12"H. To explore pricing for custom dimensions, please contact us at 800-896-0978.

More Information
Length 54"
Height 12"
Width 13"
Color Black, Textured Bronze
Sizes 54"