Board Formed Concrete Wall Panel 120in.L x 48in.W

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We combine two of the most popular and attractive wall construction techniques to bring you a decorative solution that is simple to install, low cost, and- most importantly- stunningly eye-catching with our faux wood plank panels. Available in to distinctive options, these panels showcase the architectural elegance of concrete and the classic beauty of natural wood. Because they are made from innovative fiberglass material, these wall panels excel above traditional building methods for countless reasons, not the least of them the labor and money you will save. Among the many benefits of these beautiful wall veneers is the fact that they are extremely lightweight, incredibly durable, and refreshingly versatile. Create the ideal accent wall or furniture facing by attaching these panels directly to your existing walls, partitions, or fixtures.

Both of our decorative wood wall panel designs are made using high quality hand molded fiberglass; the same material, in fact, used to create the permanent rock formations found in many amusement parks. This molding process is so precise that visitors won't even know they aren't beholding the real thing, even after feeling the highly textural surface! Our "Madera Contemporary" panels feature a traditional vertical plank design, with each slat showcasing a different wood grain pattern for the ultimate in realism. This style comes in a rich brown tone that works well with a number of decorative styles. Our "Board Formed Concrete" panels offer a more industrial twist, with horizontal planks laid in a staggered pattern. With jutting edges and nail indentations, this panel has a delightful texture that you just have to feel.

Each faux wood panel installs in mere minutes on any interior or exterior wall using the included cleat-style hardware. Popular in restaurants, retail stores, lounges, churches, and business offices, these attractive panels bring a fresh new look to bare walls.

More Information
Length 120"
Height 48"
Shape Rectangle
Material Fiberglass
Style Board Formed