Great Road Kitchen Patio

The Great Road Kitchen Oyster Bar & Grill in Littleton, MA, opened in early 2016 and quickly became a favorite spot for both locals and travelers. And though the restaurant seats about 200 people, this hopping new hotspot was soon filling up every night. To add more seating and provide a space for patrons to enjoy the weather in warmer months, they decided to create an outdoor patio space that would be both stylish and durable enough to withstand the freezing winters. This is when their contractor, Land Strategies, contacted us.

Creating an Outdoor Eating Experience
The new outdoor patio would need to feel like an oasis from the passersby and surrounding traffic of the nearby sidewalk and parking lot. It would need to be a place where people could enjoy dining in a semi-private, intimate setting. We recommended defining this new outdoor space using a line of our ultra-durable, modern Marek Fiberglass Planters that would serve as both a visual and functional barrier. Finishing the planters in a Charcoal color would complement the restaurant’s exterior and create a cohesive design, while at the same time adding beautiful greenery and bright florals to offset the hard lines of the surrounding architecture.

Great Road Kitchen Outdoor Patio Before Redesign

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