30in. XL Mega Fiberglass Hanging Basket Liner Insert

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2-3 Weeks

Keep commercial hanging baskets looking radiant with Extra-Large Fiberglass Liner Inserts. Lightweight and durable, fiberglass is a natural choice to handle large planting loads. And the removable liner format makes it easy to seed and grow offsite, moving arrangements in and out as needed to maintain a fresh look. Our XL Fiberglass Hanging Basket Liners are designed to supplement the XL line of "Mega" Hanging Baskets. Adding this extra layer of protection helps to extend the life of coconut coir and also increases watering intervals. Make this smart, affordable addition for vibrant, lower maintenance commercial planting.

More Information
Height 11.5"
Diameter 30"
Type Fiberglass Inserts
Material Fiberglass
Shape Basket