36in. XL Mega Fiberglass Hanging Basket Liner Insert

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2-3 Weeks

Get more out of extra-large commercial hanging baskets with a 36" Fiberglass Hanging Basket Liner. This mega-sized insert is built to match - what else - our line of XL Mega Hanging Baskets. Adding a layer of durable fiberglass increases the efficiency of commercial container gardening, allowing large planting loads to be nurtured offsite until mature and ready for display. Weatherproof fiberglass liners also add a layer of moisture protection to give coco coir a longer lifespan and minimize manual watering. Inserts are easy to lift using a system of handy straps and lightweight fiberglass helps to keep even large commercial displays mobile.

More Information
Height 14"
Diameter 36"
Type Fiberglass Inserts
Material Fiberglass
Shape Basket