Baxter Fiberglass Tapered Rectangular Planter 60in.L x 18in.W x 24in.H

Made to Order
Ships In
6-8 Weeks

Now, clone the look of modern concrete planters without the clunk. The Baxter is manufactured out of commercial-grade fiberglass with authentic board-formed texture. What results is a hassle-free, all-climate, high-performing garden container fit for cutting edge exterior and interior design. In fact, fiberglass rivals and even exceeds modern concrete planters in visual appeal, rugged functionality and design versatility. Here's why:

  • Materials can take on virtually any tone, form and texture
  • Fiberglass is visually indiscernible from board-formed concrete
  • Containers do not fracture in cold temperatures; no rot or color-fade either
  • Ready to pot on arrival; no need for supplemental lining
  • Easy to set up for leak-free interior applications; just order sealed containers
  • No limitations to custom potential; size, color, finish, accessories, etc.

Just like the modern concrete planters seen lining walkways, verandas, atriums and plazas, fiberglass containers come rough and ready to delineate, direct, divide and enhance space. For custom commercial orders please call toll free to work with a member of our project management team.

More Information
Length 60"
Height 24"
Width 18"
Material Fiberglass
Shape Rectangle, Tapered