Modern Rectangle Cast Stone Planter - 96in.L x 24in.W x 36in.H

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2-3 Weeks

Sometimes your run of the mill flower boxes just won't cut it. Enter these huge precast concrete planters. They're spacious enough to accommodate whatever flowers, greenery, or shrugs you choose without being overwhelmed, and without sacrificing the health of your plants. Each planter is designed with strength in mind as well, using a unique combination of concrete and fiberglass. These two materials blend seamlessly, creating planters that offer the stability of cement or stone items, but with a lighter weight and more versatility like those made of fiberglass. In fact, they're only a quarter the weight of comparable concrete planters of similar size and shape, so they're more easily moved and reconfigured when needed. But, they're still dependable enough for use as barricades and other more permanent structures.

Each planter is painstakingly crafted by hand. Our craftsmen are skilled artisans who put a lot of time, effort, and passion into every project. This gives each hand finished piece an authentic stone-like appearance, without the imperfections commonly found in concrete planters, such as bubbling and cracking.

Choose from a vast selection of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes to accommodate your upcoming landscape design project. You'll find something suitable for everything from upscale eateries to city squares.

More Information
Length 96"
Height 36"
Width 24"
Material GFRC
Shape Rectangle
Color Bone, Limestone, Slate, Onyx, Rustic