Modern Rectangle Cast Stone Planter - 96in.L x 18in.W x 30in.H

Ships In
2-3 Weeks

You never have to give up on style to achieve the highest level of durability and strength. This custom precast stone planter offers both, so there's no compromises and no sacrifices. It's made from a unique combination of concrete and fiberglass band reinforcements, providing the best features of both materials. Planters are strong like concrete, but without bubbling, cracking, or being too rigid for more stylish adornments. The concrete also allows them to take on a more authentic stone look and feel, while the fiberglass allows them to maintain a weight that is one-fourth that of conventional concrete items of the same size and shape. That means they're easier to move into new configurations when you need to barricade sitting areas, or line store fronts for tailored appearance.

Each planter is handmade, and finished with a painstaking attention to detail you won't find just anywhere. Their modern appearance adds a sleek look to your business, but additional colors and textures can also be applied to create whatever look you're going for. Choose warm earth tone colors for a more rustic or traditional appeal, or go with something simple that enhances your space without taking away from the surrounding decor. Additional sizes and shapes are also available, so it's easy to find something that accommodates your design theme.

More Information
Length 96"
Height 30"
Width 18"
Material GFRC
Shape Rectangle
Color Bone, Limestone, Slate, Onyx, Rustic