Modern Rectangle Cast Stone Planter - 48in.L x 24in.W x 18in.H

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6-8 Weeks

There are plenty of large planters for sale, but finding the right one for your landscaping project may not be easy. Until now, at least. Our GFRC planters are designed to meet the needs of business owners, landscape designers, or anyone looking for a beautiful but efficient way to update any building's exterior. They blend the very best of fiberglass and concrete, creating a truly durable, attractive, and long-lasting planter option that won't crack or fade in harsh weather conditions. They're lightweight and durable like fiberglass, while offering the undeniable strength of concrete, making them ideal for barricades between outdoor seating areas, or to display stunning floral arrangements to greet guests as they enter.

Each planter is skillfully hand-crafted. After being molded to the size and shape desired, they're hand finished to create an authentic stone-like appearance. Various colors are available, allowing you to easily mix and match with your intended decor. Choose from an assortment of textures as well to create visual interest in any setting. Whether you want something sleek and modern, or you're looking for something with that perfect hint of rustic charm, you'll find something that meets your exact specifications. Or, call our design experts to discuss custom size, texture, and color options.

Don't settle for less. Find your perfect match GFRC planters now.

More Information
Length 48"
Height 18"
Width 24"
Material GFRC
Shape Rectangle
Color Bone, Limestone, Slate, Onyx, Rustic