Messina Tapered Illuminated Planters

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Illuminated planters from Planters Unlimited combine calculated design with raw functionality. Each Square Tapered Illuminated Planter is formed with a simple, yet engaging silhouette suited to applications as an indoor or outdoor lighted planter.

Each illuminated planter found in this convenient online collection is crafted from rotation-molded polyethylene, a durable material that lends itself well to outdoor lighted planter applications. A favorite material for commercial planters of all kinds, including these illuminated planters, the polyethylene utilized is resistant to chipping and peeling, and the material is 100% recyclable to boot.

Browse illuminated planters below in the chic tapered square silhouette to find a range of custom illuminated planter sizes. If you do not see the size or style your design plans require, please contact us for details on custom indoor or outdoor lighted planter orders.

For questions, or to discuss a custom order of illuminated planters, please contact one of our project managers by calling toll free: 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Mon-Fri.