24in. Metal Window Box Liner, Silver-Tone Finish

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1-2 Weeks

Earn the respect and regard of your fellow neighborhood gardeners by adding a few silver-toned window boxes to your gardening plans this year. Their shimmering effect and highly elegant appeal is sure to become the envy of your neighbors. These flower box planters are metallic in sterling silver, and each one is powder-coated for resistance to rusting, so they'll maintain their appearances over time. In addition to optimum corrosive damage prevention, the finish will also resist fading, allowing you to place your new planters in direct sun where flowers are better able to grow and reach their full potential. Our metallic window boxes are actually constructed from galvanized metal, but their composition is lightweight enough for you to maneuver, making moving plants indoors during harsh conditions, or taking the boxes down when you're ready to replant or store for next year, much easier and faster. The rolled trim ensures there are no jagged edges to worry about, while also adding a sleek and sophisticated appearance - while a superior paint protectant reassures product longevity. Overall, these metal window box liners and planters are exactly what you need to spruce up your gardening experience. Call and ask about custom colors for a more customized appearance, as well as additional size options

More Information
Length 24"
Height 8.5"
Width 8"
Material Galvanized
Color Silver
Sizes 24"