Modern Rectangle Cast Stone Planter - 36in.L x 24in.W x 24in.H

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If you manage a sidewalk café or city pub, you know what it's like to deal with the headache of giving your patrons an outdoor area to enjoy the scenery without being accosted by the hustle and bustle of city life. You don't want your valued customers being hassled by vagrants, bumped and jostled by crowds, or run over by haphazard cyclists as they try to enjoy their dinner. Let them enjoy the outdoors in peace by creating natural and appealing barriers with our large rectangular planters. These precast planters look and feel just like real stone, offering you an organic elegance that fits in well with any décor.

When filled with seasonal blooms, trailing vines, dense shrubs, and even miniature ornamental trees, these planters effective complete the job of blocking out the outside world while still allowing your customers to enjoy the fresh air. These 36" long planters are 24" wide and 24" high, the ideal size for creating an effective barrier between your dining area and the public sidewalk. And because they are made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, they are heavy duty enough to create an effective barricade, but lightweight enough to be easily moved as needed.

More Information
Length 36"
Height 24"
Width 24"
Material GFRC
Shape Rectangle
Color Bone, Limestone, Slate, Onyx, Rustic