ArmoreCoat Real Metal Square Planters

Ships In
2-3 Weeks

You can replicate the look of Corten Steel Planters at half the weight and a much lower cost with Planters Unlimited’s ArmoreCoat Lightweight Planter series. Fabricated using our industry leading fiberglass base material, each planter is coated with live metal for the required finished look. Easily customizable in long runs and jumbo sizes, you can achieve high design not possible with all metal planters. Because real metals are used, each planter will patina differently. If you choose a patina option, we will pre-wash the ArmoreCoat planters with the appropriate chemical agent to get the process started early so the planters deliver closer to the final aged look.

  • Real Live Metal Coatings- Raw Metal or Patina Finished
  • Each Planter will age uniquely
  • Hand-made and customizable to any size / shape
  • Base Material is Lightweight Fiberglass

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Material ArmoreCoat Real Metal
Shape Square