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  1. Modern Rectangle Planters
    Modern Rectangle Planters

    Starting at $649.00

  2. Manhattan Tapered Rectangle Planters
    Manhattan Tapered Rectangle Planters

    Starting at $799.00

  3. Trellis Planter
    Trellis Planter
  4. Wall Mount Planters
    Wall Mount Planters

    Starting at $795.00

  5. Ashville Rectangle Planter
    Ashville Rectangle Planter

    Starting at $999.00

  6. Ashville Tapered Rectangular Planters
    Ashville Tapered Rectangular Planters

    Starting at $850.00

  7. Strato Rectangle Fiberstone Planter
    Strato Rectangle Fiberstone Planter

    Starting at $680.85

  8. Laguna Rectangle Fiberglass Planters
    Laguna Rectangle Fiberglass Planters

    Starting at $595.00

  9. Xander Fiberglass Rectangle Planter
    Xander Fiberglass Rectangle Planter

    Starting at $850.00

  10. Tuscana Rectangular Planter
    Tuscana Rectangular Planter

    Starting at $895.00

  11. Tuscana Tapered Rectangular Planters
    Tuscana Tapered Rectangular Planters

    Starting at $1,195.00

  12. ArmoreCoat Real Metal Rectangle Planters
    ArmoreCoat Real Metal Rectangle Planters

    Starting at $1,029.00

  13. Sienna Rectangular Planters
    Sienna Rectangular Planters

    Starting at $895.00

  14. Madera Rectangle Planter
    Madera Rectangle Planter

    Starting at $1,229.00

  15. Madera Tapered Rectangle Planters
    Madera Tapered Rectangle Planters

    Starting at $995.00

  16. Portland Rectangle Planters
    Portland Rectangle Planters

    Starting at $1,095.00

  17. Marek Rectangular Planters
    Marek Fiberglass Rectangular Planters

    Starting at $795.00

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Items 1-18 of 50

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Rectangular Planters

Rectangular Planters

Our collection of rectangular planter boxes encompasses the big three: functionality, versatility and visual appeal. With a variety of available options including an array of different colors, finishes and textures, you can find exactly the right rectangle planters for your project. From traditional to modern, indoor to outdoor, this comprehensive collection includes a selection of rectangular planters in fiberglass, cellular PVC, redwood, and more.

Known for their lightweight construction, our fiberglass rectangle planters mimic heavier duty materials in appearance and are also durable enough to handle large planting loads. Rectangular planters constructed from cellular PVC have similar traits in durability and function, and, like their fiberglass counterparts resist rotting, decay and chipping even when exposed to the elements. You can also find rot-resistant wood styles and illuminated planters that glow with charm.

For more information on available styles, sizes, colors and finishes, call customer service today at
7am - 5pm PST, M-F.

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