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Rectangular Planters

Rectangular Planters

Our collection of rectangular planter boxes encompasses the big three: functionality, versatility and visual appeal. With a variety of available options including an array of different colors, finishes and textures, you can find exactly the right rectangle planters for your project. From traditional to modern, indoor to outdoor, this comprehensive collection includes a selection of rectangular planters in fiberglass, cellular PVC, redwood, and more.

Known for their lightweight construction, our fiberglass rectangle planters mimic heavier duty materials in appearance and are also durable enough to handle large planting loads. Rectangular planters constructed from cellular PVC have similar traits in durability and function, and, like their fiberglass counterparts resist rotting, decay and chipping even when exposed to the elements. You can also find rot-resistant wood styles and illuminated planters that glow with charm.

For more information on available styles, sizes, colors and finishes, call customer service today at
7am - 5pm PST, M-F.

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  1. Modern Rectangle Planters
    Modern Rectangle Planters

    Starting at $468.85

  2. Modern Tapered Rectangle Planters
  3. Wall Mount Planters
    Wall Mount Planters

    Starting at $564.85

  4. ArmoreCoat Real Metal Rectangle Planters
  5. Ashville Rectangle Planter
    Ashville Rectangle Planter

    Starting at $725.85

  6. Ashville Tapered Rectangular Planters
  7. Laguna Rectangle Fiberglass Planters
  8. Xander Fiberglass Rectangle Planter
  9. Tuscana Rectangular Planter
    Tuscana Rectangular Planter

    Starting at $626.85

  10. Tuscana Tapered Rectangular Planters
  11. Sienna Rectangular Planters
    Sienna Rectangular Planters

    Starting at $636.85

  12. Madera Rectangle Planter
    Madera Rectangle Planter

    Starting at $882.85

  13. Madera Tapered Rectangle Planters
  14. Portland Rectangle Planters
    Portland Rectangle Planters

    Starting at $794.85

  15. Marek Rectangular Planters
  16. Baxter Fiberglass Rectangular Planter
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Rectangular Planter Boxes

These large, rectangular planters are built to last. Although they're ideal for utilitarian purposes, such as placement in heavy traffic areas where passersby may lean or lounge on their edges, designers will also recognize the opportunity to dress up their straightforward structure with the right arrangement of plants and/or floral arrangements. After all, wholesale fiberglass planters can be beautiful too!

In addition to guaranteeing a strong structural presence in your indoor or outdoor commercial-scape, the collection's simple geometric qualities and versatility of material composition makes these lightweight planters an open canvas for customizations.

Available in dimensions ranging from a modest 18" up through a commanding 72" in length and width, this continuum of sizes addresses a range of landscape and interior design project needs for architectural planters, from unassuming small-space filler to grand focal point. Whether your purpose is function or beauty, this collection of wholesale fiberglass planters can be turned out to encompass your particular criteria. With sixteen colors to choose from, designers can go industrial in gray, dreamy in terra cotta or earthy and rustic in cypress, to name a few. A choice between smooth and textured finishes is also available to add just the right touch to your order of customized lightweight planters.

As the designer, let your imagination run wild. Entice pedestrians through the doors of a Main Street deli with bold florals spilling over the edges of a textured, yet understated earthen tone architectural planter. Or, picture a cluster of smooth and sleek pearl colored planters illuminated on a warm summer evening to outline a brick or stone walkway. Need we say more?

Because of the unique nature of each and every project you take on, we understand your need for a wholesale fiberglass rectangular planter box that's not only functional, but fitting of the overall vibe and aesthetic direction of your design plan. For this reason, the Capri Square Planters can truly be customized to match the conceptual picture in your mind. So, to the designers, architects and planners, our customer service team is standing by to discuss your vision and how this lovely collection of architectural, lightweight planters can enhance the resulting real-world image. The Capri style is also available in round and rectangular shapes, should your design needs require a different silhouette.

For more information on sizes and colors on any of our rectangular planter boxes, please call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626.