Square Planters

Square Planters

For a range of styles from traditional and rustic to modern and clean, the right square planter can help tie together a commercial or residential space. At Planters Unlimited, we proudly offer a collection of square outdoor planters, available in lightweight fiberglass, rot-proof composite PVC, and more. Our square planters are displayed in a range of locations like Niagara Falls State Park and on the grounds of San Diego's iconic Hotel del Coronado.

Square planters can define a space or simply add a decorative accent. Whatever the purpose, you can count on a square planter from Planters Unlimited. We use only the most beautiful and durable materials. Fiberglass, cellular PVC, redwood, cedar, and even stainless steel are capable of handling heavy planting in high-traffic settings like hotels and plazas. This strength doesn't come at the cost of style. The clean lines of our modern style tapered planters and the ornate trim of the Tuscan-style Villagio are eye-catching. To customize your square planter box, choose the color and finish that suits your project.

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  1. Modern Square Planters
    Modern Square Planters

    Starting at $360.85

  2. Ashville Square Planter
    Ashville Square Planter

    Starting at $380.85

  3. Tuscana Square Planter
    Tuscana Square Planter

    Starting at $328.85

  4. Madera Square Commercial Planters
  5. Portland Square Planters
    Portland Square Planters

    Starting at $504.85

  6. Marek Square Fiberglass Planters
  7. Baxter Fiberglass Square Planter
  8. Keswick Square Planter
    Keswick Square Planter

    Starting at $400.85

  9. Brockton Square Fiberglass Planter
  10. Prato Square Planters
    Prato Square Planters

    Starting at $679.85

  11. Ventura Square Planters
    Ventura Square Planters

    Starting at $495.85

  12. Mason Square Corrugated Concrete Planters
  13. Arroyo Square Planter
    Arroyo Square Planter

    Starting at $359.85

  14. Knox Fiberglass Square Planter
    Knox Fiberglass Square Planter

    Starting at $977.85

  15. Jaxson Fiberglass Square Planters
  16. Oslo Square Fiberglass Planters
    Oslo Square Fiberglass Planters

    Starting at $1,003.85

  17. Hughes Riveted Fiberglass Square Planter
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At Planters Unlimited, we offer a comprehensive collection of fiberglass and composite PVC square planters suited to a variety of functions within your commercial design plans. Whether your purpose is functional, like creating a tree line to privatize a pool deck, or strictly aesthetic, like accenting the four corners of an ornate section of marble flooring, a fiberglass or PVC large commercial planter combines sensible durability and resourceful creativity. Starting from the simple and visually pleasing foundations of a geometric square, this assortment offers choices that range from basic cubed designs to more innovative manipulations of this classic shape. For a more industrial setting, our customers look to simpler designs like the Naples or Capri fiberglass planters. For a Mediterranean influenced garden, the Valencia and Villagio offer engaging details like tapered edges and interesting curvature. And finally, for the more chic and contemporary styles, designers will find our modern style tapered planters add just the right vibe. Our PVC and fiberglass planters have a lightweight, waterproof construction that still manages to keep up with much heavier materials in terms of durability and longevity. The adaptability of these materials has made them industry favorites for low-maintenance large commercial planters with manufacturers and customers alike delighting in the customization possibilities. With this collection, designers, architects and planners will find practicality and smart sophistication woven throughout our custom product options. Refine your style choice by adding customizations with distinct size, color and finish options available in each of our square planters. An urban restaurateur might choose a modern style tapered planter like the Urban Chic in a smooth black finish. Or a landscape designer for a New England Bed & Breakfast could go for our Main Street style in classic white, manufactured to mimic the appearance of wood without the hassle of rotting, warping and splitting. While your neighbor's clunky wooden planters steadily decay and lose their color, containers purchased from this collection of large commercial planters will maintain their stunning aesthetic for years to come. For general information on available styles, sizes colors and finishes, or if you see a style that catches your eye, but not the particular dimensions your project requires, contact the Planters Unlimited customer service team for a consultation at 1-888-320-0626, 7am - 5pm PST, M-F.