Deck & Dock Boxes

Deck & Dock Boxes

Dock Boxes and Deck Boxes are also known as indoor deck storage boxes, outdoor deck storage boxes and outdoor dock storage boxes. Deck Boxes and Dock Boxes provide a convenient place to store your deck or dock accessories. In the backyard use these deck or dock boxes to store your garden tools, pool equipment, toys, cushions or any other outdoor supplies that must be kept dry. On your boat or dock use our fiberglass deck boxes or dock boxes to store your hose, electrical cables or boat washing supplies. Many of our deck boxes and dock boxes can be used as a additional seat on the deck of your home, boat or dock.

Popular customizable styles:

  • Modern Fiberglass Dock Boxes
  • Ashville Fiberglass Dock Boxes
  • Outdoor Storage Box Table

Add locking castors to any of our customizable deck boxes for secure storage that doesn't have to be permanent.

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  1. Modern Fiberglass Dock Boxes
    Modern Fiberglass Dock Boxes

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  2. Ashville Fiberglass Dock Boxes
    Ashville Fiberglass Dock Boxes

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Deck And Dock Boxes: When Things Just Have Stay Dry

Known as deck storage boxes, Dock Boxes and Deck Boxes keep all manner of boat, home and garden items clean and dry when not in use, protecting them from the elements. Deck and Dock Boxes offer a great place to store things like pool flotation devices, toys, light cleaning equipment, lawn chair furnishings such as cushions and pillows, as well as lawn games like badminton and croquet. Further, when set on the back deck or patio, they can even provide extra seating at parties or family gatherings.

Fiberglass Dock Boxes For Substantial Storage

When placed on boats or used as dock storage, keep all manner of marine equipment out of harm's way. For waterproof storage, keep cleaning supplies, fishing equipment, extra life vests, hoses, electric cables, and much more tucked away for convenient access. When needed, items are at the ready, essentially never too far away for quick retrievals. We carry a variety of deck and dock boxes made from diverse materials, many them available in multiple designs too. Fiberglass is our most popular material for large boxes and boxes that need to be made watertight.

Most of our standard dock and deck boxes are made using lightweight and tough fiberglass or composite PVC material. Durable and strong, they are built to last while also being decorative and functional in the process. Fiberglass is moisture and corrosion resistant, offer clean, modern lines, and perform well in the salt air and in frequent mist environments--all qualities that make fiberglass storage boxes essentially maintenance. If matching to a tree-laden back yard, we have the beautiful redwood deck box, fragrant and earthy, lending a naturalness to environments that they are home to.

Easy-Open Lids

The lids are extremely user-friendly, providing an easy-open and close hinge system with secure latch. We use the finest stainless steel hydraulic hardware, allowing the lids to glide easily open and shut. Plus, all the metal used in this hardware is treated to resist rust and prevent harmful corrosion.

Available in a variety of sizes, we never shy away from special orders. In fact, we can make a custom dock box to your exact specifications. What's more, whether ordering from stock or arranging a custom job for residential or commercial use, we have a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from, limitless really. Choose the color and finish to match the environment in which your deck box or dock box will reside. Call us today to discuss details about your outdoor storage box.