Modern Square Tapered Cast Stone Planter - 36in.L x 36in.W x 42in.H

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You are tasked with finding both functional and decorative pieces to dress up the acreage for a large-scale municipal or commercial project. How do you solve this problem? You look to our Modern Cast Stone Planter collection to fulfill all your project needs! These attractive stone planters are the perfect pieces for adding both visual beauty and functional utilization to your large space. They are great for breaking up the monotony of large commercial and cityscapes with vibrant greenery. They serve to partition off spaces, direct foot traffic, block unsightly views, and provide privacy for intimate spaces.

At 36" square by 42" high these tapered planters provide ample room for growing an assortment of foliage, from flowers to trees. And their modern square design goes will with any design scheme. They have all the look and feel of real stone, even though they are made from GFRC material. This Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete allows your planters to be sturdier than all-cement planters, which is perfect for areas that are inclined to large crowds and heavy traffic. They won't crack or warp. You could even hit them with a car and they would stand true! Attractive, functional, long lasting planters: problem solved.

More Information
Length 36"
Height 42"
Width 36"
Material GFRC
Shape Square, Tapered
Color Bone, Limestone, Slate, Onyx, Rustic