54" Metal Window Box Liner, Silver-Tone Finish

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Liners for Window Box Planters

When you've got all of your decorative bases covered and you're just looking for that last functional piece to complete your container gardening endeavor, we've got you covered. Fill those decorative wrought iron or aluminum window box planters with a liner that's as attractive as it is durable using this long galvanized liner for window boxes and planters. It provides a snug and secure place to grow all of your treasured plants while keeping your window box cages clean and dirt free. In a sleek silver color it's a sure fit with any of those black wrought iron, white or metal planters, or can be an eye-catching stand-alone planter for your porch or patio.

Sturdy Galvanized Steel Construction

Our galvanized steel window box liners are made especially to endure the outdoor elements, no matter what Mother Nature throws in your direction. These metal planters are much sturdier than traditional stone or ceramic planters since you won't ever have to worry about them cracking or crumbling under pressure or the accidental fall. They will last much longer than wooden liners, which are susceptible to rot, insect, and moisture damage. And they are a higher quality than the average plastic liners that you find in your local hardware store. Each galvanized liner has a powder coat finish to protect from rust and wear.

Versatile Container Gardening Solution

This versatile metal planter box can be used in a number of ways to beautify your outdoor space. Its long slender shape makes it ideal for lining along facades, on top of low walls, or around patio or deck perimeters. Use this silver-colored liner in your favorite window box cages to add an extra level of drama while also keeping your plants securely rooted. They also can serve as stand-alone containers. These planters can be mounted on walls or railings using the proper brackets (found in our Window Box Brackets & Bolts section).

More Information
Length 54"
Height 8.5"
Width 8"
Material Galvanized
Color Silver