Modern Square Cast Stone Planter - 36in.L x 36in.W x 42in.H

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Is that a cherry tree growing in the middle of the business plaza? What an attractive sight! How did they pull it off? It can only be a cast stone planter. These versatile and eye catching modern stone planters are the go-to solution when you want to grow your own mini forest in the middle of a concrete jungle. We provide large planters for trees of all kinds with this modern square design. At 42" deep, this 36" inch square stone planter is the perfect vehicle for growing these shade-providing plants when you don't exactly have the ground space for trees to thrive. Dwarf fruit trees, ornamental trees, shade trees, and even shrubberies can be grown in these square planters. Locals and patrons will appreciate the green space you provide, as they stop to rest under a weeping willow or to marvel at the beauty of a blooming ornamental cherry tree.

Our modern square planters are composed of a combination of fiberglass strands and concrete, affording you a planter that is both durable and cost effective. GFRC is 1/4 the weight of traditional stone, so you get all the planting space you need without the additional bulk. Now get out there and plant some trees!

More Information
Length 36"
Height 42"
Width 36"
Material GFRC
Shape Square
Color Bone, Limestone, Slate, Onyx, Rustic