Modern Round Tapered Cast Stone Planter - 27in.D x 34in.H

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2-3 Weeks

Discover the durability, strength, and undeniable sense of elegance offered by these unique round cement planters. We know you've seen concrete planters before. You'll probably even used them in your designs. But you've never seen planters like these. They feature a unique material which combined conventional concrete with fiberglass band reinforcements, allowing them to offer the best of both. Concrete provides superior strength and a realistic stone look and feel, while the fiberglass resists cracking, bubbling, and decreases the weight of the finished product. In fact, these planters are only a fourth of the weight of other concrete planters of the same shape and size.

Even more amazing is that fact that all items are made entirely by hand. From the first molding, to the finishing process, our diligent artisans are on the job, ensuring each and every piece is of only the highest level of quality. Imperfections are smoothed and textures are perfected, so you can be assured that any planter you order will be free from even the slightest issue.

The gently tapered base of these planters provides a simple but elegant physique, but other shapes and styles are also available upon request. Additional colors and textures are provided, so every item is tailor made to your exact specifications. Just call our design specialists, and give them the details of your upcoming project.

More Information
Height 34"
Diameter 27"
Material GFRC
Shape Round
Color Bone, Limestone, Slate, Onyx, Rustic