Fabricated Bark Designer Wall Panel 120in.L x 48in.W

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For centuries top architects and designers have looked to nature to inspire creative and unique living and commercial spaces. Like those designers, we take a page from Mother Nature's book to create these beautifully realistic faux commercial bark walls. Though they are made from resin material, these designer panels have the look and three-dimensional texture of actual tree bark. Each large panel can be used to back signage, reception areas, or other points of interest in your home, business, or retail space to add a fresh natural look to the décor. Used singly or in groups, this easy to install wall cladding transforms bare and boring walls into a breathtaking nature-inspired display.

These large wood plank panels are custom made for your order using molded resin technology. With its superior versatility, durability, and light weight, resin is a prime material for replicating natural textures. That's why this innovative material can be seen in many a commercial space and entertainment venue, creating realistic rock walls, stone formations and other natural replicas that are longer lasting and lower maintenance than the real thing. We base our designs on real trees to create individual wall veneers that are as unique as they are lifelike, including the knotholes and striations that characterize living, growing trees in the forest. The delicious texture of this faux wood gives a whole new dimension to your décor.

Make your home, hotel, office, or shop truly stand out with a variety of decorative wood wall panel designs. This rustic wood finish is perfect for themed restaurants and lounges that are striving for a modern-natural or eclectic feel. Create accent walls or partitions with these architectural wall panels. Add an attention-grabbing backdrop to host stands, POS stations, or reception desks. These versatile panels take only minutes to install via the included stainless steel brackets.

More Information
Length 120"
Height 48"
Shape Rectangle
Material Resin
Style Bark