how long do artificial plants last outsidehow long do artificial plants last outside

Artificial Hedges Buying Guide

Built to last for years to come—where live plants simply would not thrive

Artificial hedges last for years when manufactured with commercial-grade materials. All faux hedges from Artificial Plants Unlimited are made with top quality materials and special UV protection mixed in during the manufacturing process. 

Often used as privacy screens, artificial hedges can also be used to separate a large space into permanent or mobile smaller sections.

Growing real hedges would take years, not to mention the regular maintenance involved. The leaves and branches would eventually require pruning and the plant itself may not grow properly or become damaged from severe weather.

A simpler and more cost-effective solution is to use faux hedges. Artificial foliage will eliminate hours of care—saving time and money for homeowners and businesses alike. If you’d like to create your own privacy screen, take a look at this buying guide for outdoor artificial hedges to help in planning your project.

Benefits of Commercial Grade Artificial Hedges

Constructed using a powder coated iron skeleton for maximum longevity in full exposure areas, our lush UV-impregnated, fade-resistant artificial hedges, are built to withstand all-weather environments from hot arid climates to freeze-thaw conditions.

Advantages for Landscape Architects

  • Lush artificial hedges can be fabricated to any height or length, to meet your design specifications.
  • Rated for exterior and interior use, or indoor fire-retardant applications.
  • Popular uses are: Privacy screens, space dividers, hide unsightly views, noise reduction, signage or decorative accents.
  • Hidden locking casters are available for flexible, mobile space dividing.
  • Choose commercial planters from 25+ colors and four finishes, or customize to meet your needs.

Tips for Residential or Small Business Projects

  • Measure the area where you plan on placing the hedges to help choose the right size for your space.

  • Determine how much height you would like for the hedges and what species you are interested in—Boxwood or English Ivy.

  • Choose your planters from dozens of colors.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge in patioArtificial Boxwood Hedge in patio

Choosing the Best Artificial Hedge

You can't go wrong with faux plants from Artificial Plants Unlimited. Not only do we carry the best artificial hedges, but we also can build them in any size you may need.

When looking for the best artificial hedges, look for heavy-duty powder-coated frames, and faux plants that have been made with UV protection mixed into the materials, versus sprayed on after the fact.

We've made the buying process easier - with us you know you are getting quality hedges, and our in-house designers can help you build the best faux hedges to specifications. 

And maintenance with artificial hedges and plants is practically non-existent. Caring for live hedge shrubs requires a lot of time and effort and using hedges for your project may be a good fit for a variety of reasons. Designed with durable materials, including a powder-coated commercial-grade iron grid frame, your hedges will stand tall and can remain outdoors without receiving damage from strong winds or severe weather. And, the UV-impregnated, fade-resistant foliage will not fade from constant sun exposure.

The commercial planter you choose to place your hedges in should match or complement your existing décor. Most people prefer that the planter height makes up approximately 1/3 of the overall height of the combination. After measuring the placement of your hedges, choose the plants you like, and order custom sizes to fit your needs.

Custom Hedges

Our hedges and most of our planters can be custom-made to fit your application and design theme, or you can consult with one of our design specialists on a solution for a specific site requirement. Contact Us, call 1-888-320-0626, or request a quote if you know the customization options your project requires.