Cape Cod PlanterCape Cod Planter

Cape Cod Planters Mix Style and Longevity

Cape Cod planters have a simple yet sophisticated design that mimics the look of painted wood, but is actually weatherproof cellular PVC. The strength of this long-lasting, moisture-resistant material mixed with the timeless style of this planter makes the Cape Cod a popular choice for commercial spaces, indoors and out. Built to maintain its beauty even in harsh conditions like freezing cold and searing heat, the Cape Cod planter has 100% solid wall strength and zero hollow cavities, making it impervious to moisture and soil damage. Ideal for resort pools, walkways and entryways, rooftops, and other outdoor spaces open to the elements, the Cape Cod is a commercial planter that doesn’t skimp on charm or resilience.

Features and Benefits

Cape Cod Planter Features and BenefitsCape Cod Planter Features and Benefits

36 Color Options, Endless Design Possibilities

Customize your Cape Cod planter with one of our 36 color options, including real aluminum, bronze, copper, brass, and steel. And choose from five finish options: unpainted white, matte, semi-gloss, gloss, and sand.

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