Best Commercial Planter Choices by Material

Commercial Planter Material Choices 

Whether you are decorating a hotel, restaurant, office, public park, or other commercial space, we have products that will serve you well. We even offer custom planters for when you need something unique! Before choosing any planter, though, it's important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials used in planter fabrication. Read below to learn more about our material options or explore our planter collection page to find a planter style you like.

A wide variety of materials, to meet your project needs

Fiberglass Planters


  • Fully customizable in size, style, color, and finish
  • Withstands extreme weather, freeze/thaw conditions
  • Reinforced interior for added durability
  • Durable, lightweight, commercial-grade materials
  • Moisture- and rot-resistant
  • Lighter in weight, more durable than stone or concrete
Composite Planters


  • Authentic painted wood look and feel without the degradation 
  • Made from commercial-grade cellular PVC
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • Won’t absorb water; rot-proof
  • Clean, contemporary design
  • Leave white or paint any color to match or complement any design
Wood Planters


  • Natural, rustic wood designs
  • Made with cedar, redwood, recycled, and reclaimed wood
  • Inherently rot- and insect-resistant for outdoor use
  • Handles heavy plant loads beautifully
  • Leave natural or stain/paint to shade of choice
  • A sturdy choice for heavier planting loads, like trees and shrubs with large root balls
Stone Planters

Cast Stone & Weathered Stone

  • Made from GFRC, a composite mixture of concrete and fiberglass
  • More economical than stone or concrete planters
  • Significantly lighter than concrete or stone planters
  • Won’t crack or warp in extreme climates
  • Five stone-like color options
  • Perfect for high-traffic areas and inclement weather
Fiberstone Planters


  • Made from a mix of glass fibers, polyester resins, and natural materials
  • The look of carved stone at a fraction of the weight
  • Textural designs, and dual-toned mix of materials
  • Won’t crack or warp in extreme climates
  • Five stone-like color options
  • Ideal for busy areas and extreme outdoor weather
Steel Planters

Stainless Steel

  • Modern, industrial design
  • Fiberglass core for extra durability
  • Built with commercial-grade materials
  • Made for indoor and outdoor applications, as won’t damage or rot from moisture
  • Customizable for any application
  • Available in polished finish
Illuminated Planters


  • Made from commercial-grade polyethylene
  • Multi-use planters that also serve as illumination
  • Ideal for lighting walkways, entryways, and dimly lit areas
  • Perfect for accent and mood lighting
  • Add security to dimly lit areas
  • Customize with fluorescent or LED lights