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Commercial Planters Buying Guide

Are you looking for a convenient way to landscape your garden or the exterior of your business?

With the placement of commercial planters you can easily bring more life to any setting.

They provide the perfect showcase for all types of plant life. To help make the selection of your new outdoor planters easier, take a look at this helpful buying guide for commercial planters.

There are certain considerations that should be made before you start choosing commercial planters. There are many designs and materials to think about. Look over the décor of the area where you intend to place your outdoor planters. You will want to go with your existing style, unless you are attempting to achieve a new look or plan on renovating.

Here are the main points to consider then searching for the right way to display plant life inside or outside of your property:

  • Style and design
  • Materials used for construction
  • Sizes and custom ordering
  • Type of plants you intend to display

Materials Are an Important Factor in Choosing Outdoor Planters

The styles of outdoor planters vary and may also depend on the materials used. In fact, the material used will probably be one of the most important factors when making your decision.

For a modern design, you look to fiberglass planter boxes. The smooth surface and clean lines works well with modern decor, and the possibilities are endless.

Stainless steel and composite materials can also come in designs that are more contemporary. PVC garden boxes would work great in most commercial settings, as they would require almost no maintenance.

While there are many contemporary designs with fiberglass, it can also be used to imitate the look of concrete or cast stone, with a final product that is much lighter than the real thing. This is actually one of the more popular uses for fiberglass.

For a rustic area or a more natural look, start looking over large wooden planters. They come in a variety of finishes and are made from different types of wood; though, cedar is the most commonly used species, as it is naturally resistant to rot and insects. There are also fiberglass planter boxes that have a finish that is used to resemble wood, but will never deteriorate.

Always look at the dimensions of a product before purchasing. You may even need to measure the area where you plan on placing your outdoor planters. Many are available in custom sizes and made to order.

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The Types of Plants in Your Commercial Planters

The type of plants that are being showcased is another important factor in selecting the right commercial planters. Plants come in a vast array of colors and shapes, as do planters.

The plants you choose may have bright foliage or dark leaves. Try to find planters with finishes that will complement the hues in your plant life. The height of the plant may also need some thought. You will need a planter that is large enough to support the weight of the growing plant or artificial plant.

While these tips should help you select the best commercial planters for your home or business, make sure you choose a container that you really like. Spend the time to look over our large variety of styles. Before long you could complete a room remodel, your yard design, and spruce up your deck, patio, or even your business.

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