Commercial Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets Buyers Guide

What to consider when shopping for hanging baskets

A Beautiful downtown area can be a huge boost to a city—from the increased safety and property value, to a growth in local business revenue.

A simple and effective way to beautify your downtown area is with the use of hanging baskets.

The most common hanging basket is the classic English Garden style. This basket creates a blank canvas and allows you to customize the look with flowers and plants that grow well in your climate, as well as other accessories like decorative brackets and posts.

When choosing your hanging baskets, consider the following

  • Style. The classic English Garden basket can work well in a traditional space when paired with wrought iron brackets and other embellishments. A sleek fiberglass insert will match a more modern, contemporary downtown. Consider the feel of your town and the architecture of the surrounding buildings when choosing your hanging basket style to create a cohesive look.
  • Maintenance. Keep your downtown in top condition by choosing hanging baskets and accessories that work well with your maintenance plans and abilities. A fiberglass liner or reservoir well are great additions in dryer climates or if you don’t have the capacity to water the baskets as often. They both work to preserve and reuse water for pristine plants without constant watering, which ends up saving your town water and manpower.
  • Size. Hanging baskets come in a variety of sizes to match any downtown area. The English Garden basket with coco coir liner comes in sizes ranging from 18 inches in diameter to 42 inches. Consider the size of your downtown area and the amount of support the baskets will have. Larger baskets make a big impression, but they also get very heavy. Look for the basket size that accentuates the area’s beauty and makes a statement but doesn’t overpower other downtown elements.
  • Existing structures. Hanging baskets can hang from just about anything, but look great when hung from wrought iron brackets. Some brackets can mount directly onto existing lamp posts and street signs to create a timeless look that looks like its been there for years. For a more open space without existing structures, consider iron posts with decorative hooks for the baskets.


Commercial Hanging Baskets

When should I purchase hanging baskets for optimal blooms?

For optimal springtime blooms, hanging baskets should be purchased around mid-winter.

This allows time for funding to come through, and for the baskets to be assembled and hung in time to brighten your downtown for the spring. Hanging baskets can also be rotated with the seasons—consider moving your basket flowers around the fall or winter or replacing them with artificial flowers during the cooler months.

Look for hardy plants that will thrive in your climate and match the colors and feel of your downtown area. Hanging baskets can be replanted as often as needed, so have some fun and create a charming atmosphere to beautify your downtown oasis.