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XL Commercial "Mega" Hanging Baskets

XL Commercial "Mega" Hanging Baskets

Commercial hanging baskets are a traditional and beloved way to add color to a location without taking up floor space. Sometimes a project calls for something extraordinary: extra-large hanging baskets that really draw attention. The "Mega" line of huge hanging baskets starts at an impressive 24" diameter and goes up to 42" wide, capable of holding a staggering amount of flowering plants or green foliage. The sturdy iron construction of this English Garden large hanging basket can handle just about anything.

Popular among cities and often installed in shopping centers, commercial hanging baskets draw the eye upward and are an essential component of urban redevelopment projects. They evoke old-world grace and elegance. Consider including a reservoir system to reduce the frequency of watering and keep maintenance hassles to a minimum. Coco coir liners are included, and fiberglass liners are also available for these large hanging baskets as an additional way to reduce maintenance and keep the soil moist.

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Hanging Baskets for Commercial Use

City and project planners in need of quality, commercial size hanging baskets will find their answer in this collection from Planters Unlimited. Large hanging baskets found here are made from reliable commercial grade materials like steel and fiberglass. Also, chains and hanging hooks are made from heavy gauge steel to ensure a reliable mount that can stand up to inclement weather and the other challenges of exterior placements.

Available in a range of sizes, each of our heavy duty baskets are outdoor-rated and built for large planting loads. When you envision a pleasing stroll down a bustling parkway, you will no doubt see plant life as a part of the equation. In redevelopment projects for cities, municipalities and townships, flora and fauna can work wonders in increasing a warm and lively community feel. Mount large hanging baskets along street light poles, on the ends of buildings, on park posts and other areas that could use a little extra life or pop of color.

Commercial size hanging baskets come lined with Coco Coir, a natural and permeable material that allows oxygen to access plant root balls and foster healthy growth of plant life. Coconut Coir Liners are compatible with a range of greenery and flowering plants from dangling vines to seasonal blooms.

Fiberglass basket and liner options are also available for large hanging baskets that need to retain moisture at a higher level. Heightened moisture means plant life runs less risk of drying out, and fiberglass containers also make versatile heavy duty baskets that come in a range of custom color options.

Each of the heavy-duty baskets found in this category also come with the option to purchase additional accessories like supplementary inserts (beyond the already included coco coir liners) and reservoir hanging basket watering systems.

Our knowledgeable customer service and project management team are available to assist with additional questions on products. We also offer individual consultation for your unique city planning or commercial design project. Please contact us at 1-800-896-0978 from 7am-5pm PST, M-F, to see what a collection of large hanging baskets can bring to your plans. Or view our Large Planters & Outdoor Planters Selection Guide, for a functional solution to bring your design to life.