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XL Commercial "Mega" Hanging Baskets

XL Commercial "Mega" Hanging Baskets

Commercial hanging baskets are a traditional and beloved way to add color to a location without taking up floor space. Sometimes a project calls for something extraordinary: extra-large hanging baskets that really draw attention. The "Mega" line of huge hanging baskets starts at an impressive 24" diameter and goes up to 42" wide, capable of holding a staggering amount of flowering plants or green foliage. The sturdy iron construction of this English Garden large hanging basket can handle just about anything.

Popular among cities and often installed in shopping centers, commercial hanging baskets draw the eye upward and are an essential component of urban redevelopment projects. They evoke old-world grace and elegance. Consider including a reservoir system to reduce the frequency of watering and keep maintenance hassles to a minimum. Coco coir liners are included, and fiberglass liners are also available for these large hanging baskets as an additional way to reduce maintenance and keep the soil moist.

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Commercial Hanging Baskets: XL Mega Style

Commercial Hanging Baskets XL Mega Style provide a dramatic and colorful statement when filled with vibrant flowers and lush greenery along city streets, suspended from lamp posts on pedestrian malls, and more. These large hanging baskets keep floor and ground space free while offering untold beauty and decor in many diverse outdoor arenas. These are just a few of the reasons cities love them for beautification projects, as do shopping malls, casinos, used as hotel planters, for airport decor, and many other commercial landscaping projects. As one of the few companies who sell them, these oversized hanging planters range from 24" wide to a whopping 42" wide, providing enormous space for all manner of foliage in their large planter basket capacity.

English Garden Huge Hanging Baskets Built To Last

Our huge hanging baskets are built in the English Garden tradition, rendering old-world grace, elegance, and charm. They come with the lovely coconut coir liner for immediate filling. In addition, we offer replacement coir liners, along with fiberglass hanging basket liners that keep soil moist and hydrated without leaking. Our large outdoor planters are built to last, using the finest commercial grade steel chain and hanging suspension mechanism, which is further powder coated to resist rust and oxidizing breakdown. Baskets are suspended with four chains and the heavy duty swivel hook provides both enormous strength as well as planter mobility that prevents cracking and splitting during wind events.

Improve Your Outdoor Décor Scheme with XL Commercial "Mega" Hanging Baskets

Businesses and municipalities find numerous ways to display these stunning Mega Hanging Baskets, chief among them is suspending them from lampposts along thoroughfares or outside civic buildings. Additional unique ways to display these gorgeous mega baskets include hanging from wooden structures. Examples include historic buildings, brightening up the sides of wood-crafted foot bridges, to decorate theme parks that include turn-of-the-century architectural themes, to name a few. To keep plants optimally hydrated and looking fresh and healthy, add a well reservoir to reduce frequent watering. To complete the picture, visit our bracket hardware section to select heavy duty mounts and brackets that correspond artistically with your XL English Style Hanging Garden Basket, and let the beautification process begin.