Large Commercial "English Garden" Hanging Baskets

Large Commercial "English Garden" Hanging Baskets

Large steel hanging baskets make great flower baskets for cities, colleges, municipalities and housing communities working on redevelopment projects. This style, available in 18" and 22" size options, has a durable and attractive flat steel basket. A Coconut Coir Liner is also included to aid in creating breathable hanging basket watering systems.

City planners, home owners association presidents and project planners will find these hanging planters make smart flower baskets for cities or municipalities looking to redevelop and refine a feeling of community. Durable and large steel hanging baskets can easily be mounted from light poles, awnings or on wall brackets. Additionally, separate purchase of optional reservoir hanging basket watering systems can make for low maintenance arrangements that are both beautiful and easy to care for.

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City and project planners who are looking for brilliant flower baskets for cities, municipalities, townships, college campuses and the like, look no further than this collection of large steel hanging baskets. Available in commercial grade size and strength, these flat steel hanging planters are rated for exterior use and heavy planting loads.

Used as flower baskets for cities and municipalities, these large steel hanging baskets work well mounted to light poles that line streets or alongside buildings using wall mounts. For a campus redevelopment project you can picture these commercial containers aligning the quad outside a college union or auditorium. Whatever the application, choose from a range of plants like dramatically cascading vines or perky flowering plants to create a lively container garden assembly.

Each of the large steel hanging baskets from Planters Unlimited comes lined with Coconut Coir Husk. This material has a reputation for fostering healthy plant growth due to its breathable nature that allows oxygen access to plant roots. It also has a fresh look and feel that you only find with natural planting materials.

For those projects where flower baskets for cities and municipalities need to be highly efficient and retain water for longer periods than the Coco Coir Liners allow, there is also the option to purchase fiberglass inserts. This option provides more protection of the root balls from wind and air that may draw out moisture at a higher rate. Reservoir hanging basket watering systems are also available at additional cost, and have become a popular choice for those commercial planting projects aimed at keeping requirements for upkeep to the absolute minimum.

Click on individual product icons for additional information on available sizes and optional inserts or hanging basket watering systems. Product specifications like dimensions, pricing and estimated shipping times are all provided in each product profile. All of our large steel hanging baskets are outdoor rated, commercial grade products.

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