30in. XL Mega Hanging Basket Replacement Liner - Coco Coir

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The XL "Mega" Hanging Basket Replacement Liner will serve a functional purpose inside of your hanging basket while enhancing its appearance in a big way. This large coconut coir liner has a beautiful, natural appeal that complements the plants placed inside of it without distracting the eye from them. Measuring 30 inches in diameter, this ultra durable liner is breathable and helps to promote aeration in the soil, leading to healthier, lusher growth. The strength and durability of the design ensures that this liner will last for 3 to 5 years, outperforming many inferior coconut coir liners on the market today.

More Information
Height 19"
Diameter 30"
Type Coconut Liners
Material Coconut Coir
Shape Basket