Monogram on Washington Apartments Monogram on Washington Apartments

Monogram on Washington Apartments Rooftop Pool Area Project

Katherine Ramsey, director of design at Studio KC Architecture, came to us when her client was looking to add outdoor planters and extra seating to their rooftop pool area. Her client was Monogram on Washington Apartments in St. Louis, MO, a new luxury complex located in the coveted downtown neighborhood of Washington Avenue. The new furnishings they were looking to add would have to match the ultra-modern décor of the complex, and would also need to be extremely durable and weatherproof for outdoor use, especially in St. Louis’s sometimes inclement weather.

We discussed the client’s needs and learned that they wanted modern planters and some additional seating for around the pool. The client loved the look of wood but was worried about its lifespan, especially outdoors, where rain, snow, and water runoff from the pool would accumulate, and rot and moisture damage could pose a problem. We recommended using our Madera Rectangular Commercial Planters, which look like wood, but are instead made from moisture-resistant, rot-proof fiberglass. And since fiberglass is also lighter in weight when compared to wood, these planters could be easily moved into place.

Monogram on Washington Apartments Monogram on Washington Apartments
Monogram on Washington Apartments Monogram on Washington Apartments

We provided samples, and our client loved them; they were delighted to find planters that would fit the space in both design and durability. They were also ecstatic to learn that we offered matching Madera Planter Benches with the same design as the Madera planters, which would create a cohesive feel for the space. The benches are made from the same, long-lasting fiberglass material, and the design includes a backrest that doubles as a planter, providing both the additional seating and greenery they were looking for.

Once the planters and planter benches were added, our client loved their newly revamped rooftop pool area. Tropical plants were placed in the planters, providing a visual break between spaces and adding a bit of privacy for the pool area. And the planter benches gave swimmers a comfortable place to sit, relax, and enjoy the view. With these simple, yet effective, landscape additions, a place of respite was created for the apartment’s tenants, giving them their very own private oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle.

Once the project was finished, Katherine Ramsey passed on the satisfaction of both her and her client: “Thanks so much for your help with this project! You were fantastic to work with from day one! Please share with your team, and thanks again for all of your help as we worked through the owner’s desires. The owner is thrilled with the end product; I’m sure we’ll work with you again in the future.”

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