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  1. Modern Rectangle Planters
    Modern Rectangle Planters

    Starting at $649.00

  2. Manhattan Tapered Rectangle Planters
    Manhattan Tapered Rectangle Planters

    Starting at $799.00

  3. Modern Square Planters
    Modern Square Planters

    Starting at $699.00

  4. Manhattan Tapered Square Planters
    Manhattan Tapered Square Planters

    Starting at $699.00

  5. Modern Round Planters
    Modern Round Planters

    Starting at $349.00

  6. Modern Low Bowl Planters
    Modern Low Bowl Planters

    Starting at $269.00

  7. Square Modern Low Bowl Planters
    Square Modern Low Bowl Planters

    Starting at $249.00

  8. Trellis Planter
    Trellis Planter
  9. Wall Mount Planters
    Wall Mount Planters

    Starting at $769.00

  10. Ashville Rectangle Planter
    Ashville Rectangle Planter

    Starting at $999.00

  11. Ashville Tapered Rectangular Planters
    Ashville Tapered Rectangular Planters

    Starting at $829.00

  12. Ashville Square Planter
    Ashville Square Planter

    Starting at $649.00

  13. Ashville Tapered Square Planters
    Ashville Tapered Square Planters

    Starting at $649.00

  14. Verso Square Fiberstone Planter
    Verso Square Fiberstone Planter

    Starting at $349.85

  15. Verso Rectangle Fiberstone Planter
    Verso Rectangle Fiberstone Planter

    Starting at $680.85

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Outdoor Planters

Outdoor Planters

As our name suggests, Planters Unlimited offers a wide range of fully customizable large outdoor planters made ultra-durable to meet the demands of indoor and outdoor commercial environments. Choose from industrial-grade materials like fiberglass, composite PVC, wood, stone, and stainless steel. Further customize any of our outdoor planters by selecting from 25 colors and four unique finishes, including high gloss and real metal. Oversized planters, self-watering and watertight planters, brand-centric planters with logos and other trademark designs, and planters with light and power sources are also available, and can be made in the style you need for your project. And since each of our outdoor planters are constructed with internal reinforcement for added stability and built from durable materials, they will last for years indoors or out, even in the harshest of climates and high-traffic conditions.

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