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Cape Cod Planter Collection

Cape Cod Planter Collection

The Cape Cod Planter Collection is one of our most popular collections, due to its sophisticated yet simple design. Made from Cellular PVC, which is impervious to water and therefore weatherproof, these planters have the look of painted wood, but are far more durable. As outdoor planters, they will withstand even the harshest of winters and the most searing summer heat without chipping, cracking, or splitting. Available in square, rectangular, and tapered designs, there is a Cape Cod planter for every project.


There are 36 color options for the Cape Cod Planters, including real aluminum, bronze, steel, copper, and brass. Choose from five finishes, including unpainted and high-gloss. Have a non-standard size in mind? Call us today for custom sizing and other options.

Features & Benefits

  • Withstands freeze/thaw conditions
  • Flat, smooth surface and seamless corners
  • Reinforced interior for added durability
  • Built from industrial-grade materials
  • Moisture- and rot-resistant
  • Lighter in weight, more durable than stone or concrete
  • Contemporary, tapered style


  • Pre-drilled drainage holes
  • Coordinating drip trays
  • Self-watering reservoirs
  • Legs
  • Locking casters
  • Waterproof and watertight options
  • Custom logos and cutouts
  • Illumination with LED lights
  • Power supply USB ports
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  1. Cape Cod Premier Planters
    Cape Cod Premier Planters

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  2. Cape Cod Tapered Planters
    Cape Cod Tapered Planters

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Design + Performance

Whether you choose a single decorative accent for your front porch or modular site furnishings for an entire college campus, our Cape Cod planters offer superior staying power. Both in design and in durability, these PVC planters intend to stick around for years to come, making outdoor decorating as easy as possible. The look of the Cape Cod container garden planter can only be defined as timeless. Like the carefully crafted wooden planters and furnishings of days gone by, these handmade flower boxes showcase beautifully molded trim on the rim and base and recessed panels on all four sides. Choose one of our many earthy brown colors in smooth or textured finishes and enjoy resilient plastic planters that look just like real wood. What a lovely way to add classic elegance to a law firm reception space or sophisticated art gallery!

A Solution for Every Space

Wooden furnishings will never go out of style, both at home and in commercial venues. But once you’ve experience faux wood PVC planters you’ll never go back to that old fashioned material again. We designed these planters to give you the best of both worlds- time-honored design and innovative construction. With the magic of cellular PVC we have the ability to custom craft planters in any shape, size, or color you desire. Along with the dozens of hues available online, we can color match or add additional lettering and logos on request. Fill those empty spaces in your landscape with jumbo sized garden planters for trees and shrubs. Great for adding a touch of green to urban scenery, these large planters are tough enough to hold trees and other vastly rooting plants without warping or cracking. Draw attention to a sidewalk cafe with long rectangular planters filled with colorful annual flowers surrounding your patio.

Durable & Lightweight

In addition to adaptability, replica wooden planters offer superior longevity compared to wood, stone, or other natural materials. These planters are ideal for outdoor site furnishings since they are resistant to moisture, temperature, and insect damage. No rotting or breaking means that your hotel or resort grounds can show off lush greenery all year round with little planter maintenance. Large square and rectangular Cape Cod planters help create attractive privacy screening around intimate seating areas indoors and out. Our tapered models are perfect for lining pathways and facades in style. Shopping malls, airports, restaurants, and more, the options are endless!