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  1. Fiberstone rectangle planter
    Dune Rectangle Fiberstone Planters

    Starting at $495.00

  2. Fiberstone square planter
    Dune Square Fiberstone Planters

    Starting at $375.00

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Dune Planter Collection

Dune Planter Collection

The Dune designer planter collection features a contemporary look that elevates architectural spaces and landscapes for both commercial and residential projects. This designer planter series features a textured pattern etched in fiberstone inspired by gently wind-swept sand dunes. Not only is this planter rich with style, but it’s also a smart, functional piece that can accommodate and help maintain live greenery with optional drainage holes, self-watering reservoirs, and drip trays.

Dune designer planters are available in square and rectangular shapes and because they are constructed from fiberstone, they are ideal for all-weather conditions and high-traffic areas like shopping malls, resorts, and commercial buildings. We chose fiberstone for this designer planter because it has the desired look of stone, but as a tough, lightweight material, it’s a popular choice for all types of settings and projects.

Customize it! All designer planters in our Dune collection can be customized in size, shape, and finish. The pattern can also be oriented horizontally or vertically, according to preference.

Special Features

  • Modern, textured pattern
  • Mimics stone yet more economical and lightweight
  • Withstands freeze/thaw conditions
  • Built from industrial-grade materials
  • Moisture- and rot-resistant


  • Horizontal or vertical pattern
  • Drainage holes
  • Coordinating drip tray
  • Fiberglass liner
  • Self-watering reservoir
  • Planter feet

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