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Planter Options

Like our name, our custom capabilities are “unlimited.” We make custom planters at non-custom prices, so you get planters that look and function how you need them for your commercial projects—without minimum orders or outrageous prices.

Fiberglass Planter Liner

Add an optional fiberglass liner to your existing planter in order to extend its life by protecting it from soil damage and rot with this water-resistant shell. Available with optional drainage holes.

Water Reservoir

Make any planter self-watering with a water reservoir, available in rectangular and round shapes and several sizes. Use two or more reservoirs for larger planters to keep them properly and evenly hydrated.

Pre-Drilled Drainage Holes

Order any planter with pre-drilled drainage holes to promote aerated soil and healthy plant growth.


Add a matching saucer for your planter to contain excess water.


Optional planter feet can be added to any planter design, and customized in style and height.


Locking and non-locking casters are available, creating rolling planters that are easy to move in and out of place. These heavy-duty casters are outdoor-rated, sized to the planter, and placed in key support areas on the planter.

Forklift Knockouts

Order your planter with forklift knockouts for easy installation.

False Bottoms

A false bottom gives you several inches of planting space, providing the illusion of a larger planter but without the additional soil. False bottomed-planters can also be used to cover unsightly architectural elements (such as parking bollards).

Lighting Options

Incorporate lights into your planter design, including illuminated toe kicks and backlit cutouts for logos and other designs. Choose from fluorescent and LED lighting options, available in a variety of colors and with an optional timer.

Toe Kick

Add a stylish and functional toe kick to any planter; illuminated toe kicks are also an option.

Logos and Custom Designs

Customize your planter with a company logo or original design, including cutouts and backlit options.

Artificial Plants

Order any planter pre-populated with lifelike plants and flowers from our sister company, Artificial Plants Unlimited.

Ready to Customize Your Planter?

Pick the size, shape, color, and finish (including real metal) of your choice, and add the options you want to suit your space.

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