Alibi Privacy HedgesAlibi Privacy Hedges

Alibi Bar & Lounge Privacy Hedges, Boston

A local hotspot and chic watering hole in the popular Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, the Alibi Bar & Lounge is a favorite of natives and tourists alike. What was once the old Charles Street Jail was transformed into the posh Liberty Hotel, where the Alibi resides (in what was once the jail's "drunk tank"). This upscale urban eatery has a modern design and a "jail" theme, highlighted by the brick cell walls and bluestone floors left over from the original architecture.

Before our makeover, the Alibi's expansive patio area had a contemporary design that matched the lounge's interior, but a perimeter of plants were looking scraggly and starting to die. Additionally, there were increasing problems with privacy and noise from the nearby street. The Alibi's General Manager Andrew Zimmer approached Artificial Plants Unlimited, and we set to work on solving them! Together with Zimmer, our team came up with a perfect solution for all three problems: replace the dying plants lining the patio with luxurious faux boxwood hedges in modern planters!

Our Custom Solution: Zero-Care Greenery Doubling as a Privacy Screen

Not only would the plush new hedges match the modern design theme, but their exterior rating and UV protection would make them ideal for an outdoor environment.

The fiberglass planters housing the hedges are commercial-grade and damage-resistant - perfect for a high-traffic environment! And since these hedges are artificial, there are  no maintenance costs spent on watering, trimming, and fertilizing. Their new hedges will remain a vibrant green for years to com. 

Along with their durable design, these faux boxwood hedges double as space dividers and privacy screens. The privacy they create make for an intimate area where diners can relax without having to see the traffic and hear the noise from the nearby street. This means happier, more frequent customers. A definite win for the restaurant. 

To add to the ambiance of outdoor lounging and entertaining, Madi from the Artificial Plants Unlimited team suggested that we further customize the hedges with lights, as well as cutouts where bespoke shelving could be placed to hold menus, event bulletins, photos, and other items for patrons to study and enjoy while eating.


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