Pennsylvania Hospital Project

America's first hospital, the Pennsylvania Hospital was established over 250 years ago by founders that included Benjamin Franklin himself. Now a national landmark and also a working hospital located in the Society Hill district of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hospital, or Penn Medicine, continues to be the seat of modern medical advancements. So it was a privilege when the hospital's head groundskeeper, Daniel Bangert Jr., approached us for some suggestions on beautifying an outdoor space on the hospital's sprawling grounds.

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Pennsylvania Hospital ProjectPennsylvania Hospital Project
Pennsylvania Hospital ProjectPennsylvania Hospital Project
Pennsylvania Hospital ProjectPennsylvania Hospital Project

Gorgeous Greenery to Accent Historic Architecture

Because the grounds of this iconic hospital are so beautiful, we wanted to introduce greenery, color, and texture without taking away from the historic beauty of the surrounding architecture. We suggested our English Garden Hanging Baskets, with their traditional style that would complement the hospital's colonial architecture. Made from heavy-gauge steel, these commercial-grade hanging planters were built to last even in tough weather, like freezing Philadelphia winters. Lined with 100% organic coconut coir liners, which aerate the soil and promote soil health, these rustic hanging planters are a great way to bring seasonal plants and color to an otherwise overwhelming sea of brick architecture. To hang the six baskets that Bangert ordered for the hospital, we suggested he use our decorative wall-mount brackets, which are easy to install, sturdy, and rust resistant.

What did Mr. Bangert think of our suggestions? He loved them! Here's what he wrote to us after ordering six hanging baskets and brackets: "Everyone is happy with how the project turned out. The baskets look great, even with nothing in them! Thank you for getting us this great product!"

Winter Foliage & Spring Flowers: Change Hanging Planters with the Season!

From purple fountain grass in the fall to vibrant spring azaleas, it's easy to replant English Garden Hanging Baskets with foliage that matches the season. And since the coconut coir planter liners are cost-effective and only need to be replaced about once a year, they are easy to switch out when you want to trade the old plants for the new. Especially popular in commercial spaces, due to their rustic beauty and low-maintenance design, English Garden Hanging Baskets will display any arrangement with a simple, natural beauty.

To make these organic hanging baskets even more low-maintenance, add a water reservoir that will keep your baskets evenly watered for weeks at a time. For zero-maintenance baskets you can leave to look beautiful all season or year without care, the realistic-looking artificial plants from our sister brand Artificial Plants Unlimited will fit the bill perfectly.

Help with Historic Landmark and City Beautification, and Other Commercial Projects

For several years, we have helped landscape designers and other trade professionals get the most out of their commercial designs. From historic sites like the Pennsylvania Hospital to downtown city beautification projects to redesigns for hotels, restaurants, theme parks, and businesses, our clients come to us for industrial-grade products made for commercial environments. For help with your next commercial project, call us toll-free at 1-888-320-0626.

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