Plantscaped Commercial Planters Buying Guide

Plantscaped Commercial Planters Buying Guide

Sometimes commercial planters are used for specific purposes like turning a concrete area into a lush inviting setting or creating a pleasant barrier along a path, which is great for designers and businesses but bad for plants. The plant partitions might be in the perfect location aesthetically but come summer full sun will wilt and fry those plants. Artificial plants let you have greenery that will endure winter, summer, and droughts plus you're able to pick the plant type, color and style you desire, rather than limited to plants suited for your growing location.

Space dividers can be used to create a wall of privacy

Match Made in Heaven

Our commercial planters can be made to a number of specifications, the most useful of which is the addition of casters to allow for easier movement of the planter. Now you can have an artificial hedge creating multiple small, intimate spaces but the ability to quickly move the hedges to utilize the now open space. Fake hedges are a great way to cover or mask industrial equipment like air conditioners or pool pumps and should the equipment ever need maintenance or replacement? Simply move the planters allowing easy access.

Using artificial plants means your design doesn't have to worry about whether or not a plant will survive but instead can compose the best look possible playing off the space, color and even drawing upon your corporate logo! Designers love the freedom that artificial plants enable; the possibilities are as big as their imaginations!

Our space dividers come in a variety of styles

No Planting / Instant Gratification

Artificial plants give you instant gratification by making your commercial planters and indoor planter boxes look like they've been in place and thriving for several seasons. Our designers make plantscapes with silk flowers and fake bamboo that will wow pedestrians, guests and passersby with the natural beauty and grown-in look. We know that adding a commercial planter is an easy way to bring a bit of nature and color into an otherwise drab space but most commercial settings are not conducive for plants to flourish. Utilizing artificial plants doesn't restrict the type and variety of plants that can be planted due to light levels or water schedules. Blooming plants are beautiful and add a splash of color but even perennial flowers will wilt and brown, removing that once brilliant color from your office or courtyard.

Live plants require lots of time, care and nurturing; which really boils down to constant recurring costs. Choosing a planter with artificial plants means your commercial planter shows up ready to go, looking its best straight off the delivery truck, and requires virtually no maintenance. If you order a planter and artificial plants, we'll ship them pre-planted so installation is as simple as moving the planter to its location; no dirt, planting or plumbing to worry about.

No Maintenance

Trying to grow and maintain plants, even under the best conditions, can be difficult. Commercial settings only make that proposition even more difficult with a lack of natural light, varying temperatures and often difficult to reach areas. Artificial plants don't suffer from any of the drawbacks of natural planters.

  • Requires no water
  • Adds instant natural beauty
  • Won't die, rot or require maintenance
  • Any plant variety or type
  • Fade and weather resistant

Rest assured knowing that your planters will continue to look their best no matter what happens. Watering containers either requires someone to spend countless hours checking moisture levels and watering multiple planters or running multiple water lines for each planter and maintaining all those pipes and connections. Water leaks are costly and can wreak havoc, especially in a commercial setting. Depending on the timing of the leak it could go unnoticed for several days while the office is away for the weekend or on holiday, let's not think about what might happen to high-priced electronics and computers.

Artificial plants provide all the natural beauty but without any of the muss or fuss. Don't worry about soil, planting, watering, fertilizing or pests. The only thing you'll have to worry about is which plants to pick and explaining why your planters always look so good. Artificial plants used to look like fake plants but we're now able to manufacture plants that look as good as real, live plants with the added benefit that they won't lose blooms or outgrow their container!

Space Dividers are a great design element to create unique spaces

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