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Project Gallery

Planters Unlimited Projects portray a cornucopia of diverse commercial applications using outdoor planters, boxwood hedges, artificial greenwall designs and more. We have worked with various hotels and resorts, such as providing the Hotel del Coronado with PVC Composite Planters, crafting modern rectangular planters for private residences, and drawing on the contemporary planter styling for Jai Wolfgang Puck's Restaurant in La Jolla, CA.

Whether you need historic hotel planters for a century-old building, custom redwood planters for an organic sidewalk cafe, or rooftop planter boxes populated with outdoor artificial boxwood hedges for privacy near a pool, we can meet your project needs. Buy rooftop planter boxes that can be arranged in modular fashion to delineate space for office buildings, universities and hospitals, shopping malls and many other open spaces. From square to freeform, the possibilities are endless!

In a vast selection of designs and materials, our Planter Collections can be made in any size, shape, color, or configuration. For more information on custom orders, or questions on any of our products, contact one of our project specialists today.

Skyscraper Rooftop Planter Boxes to Artificial Greenwall Design

We have been providing state-of-the-art solutions to businesses and civic organizations with impeccable care. From the rooftop planter boxes at San Diego's EV Luxury Loft apartments to Marriott Irvine's nautical artificial greenwall design, Planters Unlimited Projects, products and craftsmanship speaks for itself. By incorporating outdoor artificial boxwood hedges in modern planters or attached to wrought iron cages like at Marriott Irvine, we deliver a full coverage solution to unsightly views. In another case, we fabricated the Hotel del Coronado planters. They needed high quality PVC composite landscape planters to replace their turn-of-the-century wooden ones. Built locally in San Diego and delivered locally, the no-rot planters still stand strong at the historic Hotel Del.

Outdoor Planters Have Come of Age

Modern outdoor planters have come of age, finding locations and applications for discerning clients everywhere. Given this fact, it's easy to make the case for our modern rectangular planters in a wide variety of environments. They're durable, attractive, and clean-looking. For example, a private party located in the Residences at Ritz Carlton of Fort Lauderdale chose modern planters for their sleek lines and enduring fiberglass material. In another example, Jai of Wolfgang Puck of La Jolla, CA selected the Urban Chic series to create a border around the seating area for their outdoor cafe dining area.

You can also view photos and read the story behind the iconic Plaza Hotel. The Plaza New York Hotel Planters were customized to the hilt, featuring embossed logos on the face of each of the Knox fiberglass planters onsite, for which they are extremely pleased. The Knox planters are available in square, rectangular and tapered forms innumerable sizes.

Liners, Inserts, and More

Large and custom redwood planters have found a natural niche in places like organic juice bars and restaurants, garden centers, Bed & Breakfasts, and lodges. They provide a native and unpretentious look for communities and school campuses, and the unsealed, natural wood makes them ideal for growing herbs and edibles. Redwood is one of the few woods that resist rotting and bug infestations too, making them both practical as well as compelling to place in a relaxed environment. Many businesses who use them add planter inserts in the form of fiberglass liners and/or self-watering reservoirs to keep planters - and plants - further protected. With the breadth of Planters Unlimited custom capabilities, we can create commercial planters for your business to your exact specifications. For additional information and to speak with one of our design experts, please give us a call today: 888-320-0626

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