25in.Lx9in.Wx3in.H Rectangular Reservoir

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For those who don't want to worry about frequently watering large planter boxes, this black Rectangular Water Reservoir does the trick. Made from heavy duty plastics, you can order self-watering planter reservoirs online with or without a PVC fill tube.

Self-Watering Planter Inserts Feature:

  • Easy assembly in seconds
  • Holds approximately 3 gallons of water
  • Watering coverage reaching 9" past reservoir edges
  • Minimizes maintenance cost & plant replacement

With self-watering planter systems you can forget the guesswork of when to water, or if you're watering too much or too little. Depending on climate and hydration needs of plants, most people find they're relieved of watering for around 2 weeks. You can always check water levels by measuring dipstick (much like checking your oil) levels down the PVC fill tube. For large trees and shrubs, or questions about planter irrigation systems we can build & ship to you please call toll free.

In addition to being ideal for use in standalone outdoor planters, these reservoirs are the perfect size to be used in many of our oversized and wooden window boxes. You can request a specific length of fill tube, or simply cut the one we deliver to fit your needs.

More Information
Length 25"
Height 3"
Width 9"
Style Rectangle
Shape Rectangle