3D Decorative Wall Panels

3D Decorative Wall Panels

Transform your hospitality or retail space with interior and exterior design accents that set your business apart from the crowd. Theme restaurants with our hand molded 3D bark architectural wall panels, or splash rich copper, bronze or rusted steel finishes on walls and ceilings with our Real Metal Coated Fiberglass Wall Panels, available in 9 living metal coatings.

Be sure to browse our latest favorite material - Fiberstone Concrete - for the look and feel of real stone wall panels at a fraction of the weight, and with added strength. Carvings of logos or monikers can be added by request, and 6 attractive finishes are available to choose from.

Our Board Formed Concrete is quite the chameleon, mimicking board formed concrete material or our Madera Contemporary realistic woodgrain finish. All of the architectural wall panels, cladding and resin panels here can be used as modern signage backing, on office partitions, or as wall decorations of salons, hotel lobbies and restaurant host stands.

Cladding Commercial Wall Space

Nothing speaks to luxury or artistic expression in the commercial wall coverings world as contemporary cladding. Choices for 3D Wall Panels is diverse, colorful, textural and creative - so much so that designers and landscapers alike relish in delivering so many options to clients. Create an haute industrial look with burnished metal wall panels. Or select resin panels with a natural wood bark veneer that provides the lovely look of nature without felling a single tree. This single façade is so authentic-looking, you could almost swear you're catching the whiff of white pine. Add a decorative wall covering as signage backing. Or break up painted walls with Board Formed Designer Wall Panels. Architectural wall panels not only provide a departure from the predictable; they offer added strength to many wall structures.

From Office Partitions to 3D Decorative Wall Panels

The rich choices available to professionals for a myriad of clients is profound. From Real Metal Coated Fiberglass decorative wall panels for showcasing a modern home to cast stone wall panels furnishing a business in exquisite detail, provide a consistent theme for the home or office. Since logos or brand icons can also be added, textured walls provide a look that is both imaginative while also being quite functional in its artistic expression. This creates the perfect fusion for architects and designers to bring ingenuity and functionality together. Choose from Artificial Green Walls, Board Formed panels, or our latest, Fiberstone Concrete, for the look you want to achieve. Any of our architectural wall systems can reflect the kind of business or industry you serve--from city hall to the latest avant-garde restaurant uptown.

Architectural Panels: 3D Wall Covering Inside and Out

Ideal for any themed adaption, exterior wall panels can be as invitational to clients and guests as they present inside. Aluminum panels on a business's outside wall with a company logo, brand or signage poses allure as easily as it offers a note of sophisticated distinction. Fabricated bark decorative panels make a captivating draw for camp stores, organic markets, or countryside boutique hotels. All architectural wall panels are available in specified standard sizes. Yet, from green walls to metal coatings to board formed cladding, we can custom size to meet any design specifications. Call 888-320-0626 today to speak with a design specialist about your next project.