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Commercial Space Dividers: Ideas & Buying Guide


Create private spaces, direct foot traffic, or block/filter obscure unwanted views with one of our decorative space dividers. Designs include trellises pre-populated with gorgeous, lifelike artificial greenery and flowers, boxwood hedges and horsetail reeds in planters, and many more. Made from industrial-strength materials built to withstand high-traffic, all-weather environments, these space dividers can be placed indoors and out for a natural-looking and functional design accent.

Our space dividers generally come pre-defined in lengths ranging from 36 to 108 inches long and are typically 72 inches tall. With our custom manufacturing capabilities, however, we can create space dividers according to your specifications of width, depth, and height.


From traditional to modern, our space dividers come in a variety of styles and species to suit your need that include: Azalea, Bamboo, Boxwood, Horsetail & Ivy. When considering the style for your project, look around your space - is there a consistent design or architectural style used throughout? If so, continue that pattern by choosing a commercial space divider in a complimentary style.

If you prefer, you can create an interesting look by contrasting the existing style with something new. For example, if you are holding a modern wedding in a traditional building, you can enhance the wedding's style with a sleek, bamboo space divider.

Also, consider the overall look you want to achieve - does it involve greenery and artificial plants, or do you prefer sleek lines and clean textures? Above all, choose the style of space divider that will help complete the atmosphere you are aiming to create.

Define & Separate Functional Spaces Indoors or Out

When choosing the right space divider, it’s important to consider how it will be used. If you want total privacy to create a serene and intimate atmosphere, choose a space divider with maximum coverage, like a tall boxwood hedge. Choosing a lighter space divider such as horsetail reeds (equisetum) helps define the space, but still allows natural light and some sounds through to create a unique space without blocking everything out.

If you are using space dividers for a special event and want to move them around throughout the evening, look for area dividers that will work well for each purpose and that will block your guests' view from certain things you don't want them to see. Rolling space dividers on casters are a smart and convenient way to configure areas to your liking and provide the added benefit of adapting the space throughout the night!

Design Consultation

Space dividers are a great design element and can be the perfect finishing touch to create stylish and private areas. With planning, strategy, and a hand from our expert design specialists, you can find the perfect customized space divider to fit your needs.
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