Fiberglass Planter Liners

Fiberglass Planter Liners

Fiberglass Planter Liners will keep your planters (and budget) protected from costly damage from moisture and soil. Made from sturdy fiberglass and fully customizable in size and shape, these planter liners will fit into any size planter, and will prevent corrosion mold, and rot in stone, metal, and wood planters. Our Fiberglass Planter Liners come standard with pre-drilled drainage holes to promote healthy plant growth.


Our Fiberglass Planter Liners are built to spec, and can be customized to fit any planter size (including oversized) and planter shape.

Features & Benefits

  • Customized to fit any planter
  • Moisture- and rot-resistant
  • Extends the life of planters


  • Watertight capability
  • Self-watering reservoirs
  • Irrigation systems

Planter Liner Inserts: Protecting Your Investment

Protecting your investment when choosing a variety of industrial planters made from redwood, cedar, pine, concrete and more, is essential for the cost conscious designer. Our fiberglass planter liners and Custom Waterproof Planter Liners provide strong coverage that extends the life of your commercial outdoor planters. We sell the standard versions online that included drainage holes, but we encourage you to call us to request watertight liners for your next project. We build everything to spec. By adding planter inserts, the fiberglass material is impervious to moisture and can be custom manufactured to your exact specifications. Planter box liners protect all kinds of planters but are particularly important to incorporate in wooden planters as eventually, like all organic materials, wood is more likely to degrade over time without a moisture barrier.

Customization for the Perfect Fiberglass Planter Box Fit

When choosing fiberglass planter boxes, wood planters, or large commercial plant containers, customized liners provide an enduring solution that protects your investment. When considering additional customization options, these unfinished planter inserts can be fitted with irrigation systems or reservoirs, complete with drainage holes to keep plants appropriately drained yet hydrated for up to 2 weeks without over watering. By adding these systems, they keep not just your planter investment secure, they also keep your plant life healthier and more robust.

Any Size, Any Shape, Anywhere

Our fiberglass planter liners are available for a wide variety of applications. This includes sizes and shapes. What's more, because we know that commercial fiberglass planters are used to create beautiful decor in a wide variety of locations, liners are particularly advantageous to incorporate in the design scheme because of their light weight. Plus, particular locations require added protection due to longer exposure to whether or sometimes less exposure to sunlight. Examples of locations where planter liners are additionally advantageous include pedestrian bridges, hanging gardens, rooftop gardens, even parking structures.

Custom waterproof liners can be curved or contoured, round, square, or rectangular manufactured to fit whatever shape you require. It's one of the important qualities of fiberglass in that it is quite flexible providing infinite shape possibilities. Plus, since it is made using essentially defect-free glass fibers, it is exceedingly strong as well as very lightweight. When incorporated into a plastic base as occurs in our planter liners, the entire material mixture is inherently watertight upon customization. What's more, as the glass fibers reinforce the plastic, each liner is more durable by this fusion, lending them to both waterproofing and strength neither product possesses alone.

For information on how to order your fiberglass planter liners and to request a commitment-free quote on custom waterproof liners, please call us today.