XL Boston Fern in 22in Hanging Basket, Arranged

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Represent the best of what you want the exterior of your home's design to be - starting with groups of fake plants in large hanging baskets. Described in two segments, these large hanging baskets begin with handcrafted wrought iron, perfectly shaped to accommodate a coconut coir liner. The iron has been powder-coated black for rust-resistance and protection against the damages of inclement weather. Whereas, the fake plants are designed to beautifully brim over the sides of each hanging basket, appearing to be healthy, flourishing, and gorgeous in deep shades of dark and light green. Additionally, while these hanging baskets are rated for outdoor use, they can also be used to create a stunning display in any office, lobby, or home entryway.

These come with the 22" hanging basket, coir liner, chain, fiberglass liner and that two of the 30” Large Boston Ferns are planted in foam and assembled

Custom Work Available.