Donut Assembly Reservoir

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When you have an urn or round planter with a narrow opening and a wider body, watering can be especially challenging. It can be difficult for water to be equally distributed throughout the entire planter with traditional watering methods, and ordinary reservoirs may not easily fit inside. This Donut Assembly is the solution to that problem, as it can be pushed together to slide into the planter. Once inside, the 18-inch by 3-inch assembly can be arranged to suit the planter and plants using up to 10" of flex tubing. Capable of holding up to 5 gallons of water, the reservoir cuts back on watering needs by 50 percent.

The half style is ideal for planters with a half moon or semicircular shape. Thanks to its unique design, the assembly can be pressed together to slide it in through the top of a narrow opening. Inside, it will expand again to fill up the interior of a planter, providing water up to 9 inches away on either of its sides.

  • Whole Donut 18" Dia. x 3"H
  • Comes with 10" of flex tubing pvc to link the two sides together. Cut in field to desired length to fit in planter and around root ball.
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