Modern Fiberglass Planters with Forklift Knockouts

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Planters Unlimited makes it quick and easy to move large heavy looking planters, even for a crew of one. This Modern Fiberglass Planter w/ Forklift Knockouts is designed for commercial settings, shopping centers and special event spaces where crowd control and/or security barriers are required. Movable planter boxes save companies time and money, and help keep both the staff and the public safe from harm. When planted, these containers also function as vehicle barriers, protecting walkways and courtyards

  • Fiberglass construction 
  • Forklift friendly design
  • Choose from several colors and attractive finishes
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes available

Fiberglass is a composite material made from commercial quality resins and glass fibers. It's modern and sleek, but will withstand extreme temperature fluctuations (freezing/thawing) without cracking. This superior quality construction along with the forklift-friendly design makes these fiberglass planters perfect for use at casinos, hotel and resort properties, and in sports areas and public parks.