English Ivy Hedges with Fiberglass Planter

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English Ivy for the Ages

We’ve made it easy to furnish commercial or residential spaces with vibrant, glossy ivy. An attractive and popular vine, English ivy enhances any designscape with texture, color, and an organic quality. Live ivy, though nice in thought, requires a fair amount of time and effort to keep it tidy and healthy. It can rot, become overgrown or blighted. But faux hedges, on the other hand, do not have any of these and many other live plant hassles. Faux hedges afford you the look and charm of classic ivy hedges without the fuss or costs of upkeep. A great choice for any landscaping or interior design project.

We carry faux hedges in other designs and have other hedge and planter projects on the books as well. Look through our Project Gallery to see some of our previous installations of faux hedges and other work. If you are looking to build a custom faux hedge or planter, please call us for some ideas, information, and a free quote.

  • Drain holes included for proper drainage in case of outdoor use


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Faux English Ivy Hedges in a Large Modern Planter

High-end faux hedges are nothing like the flimsy, faded faux plants of years past. We make our faux ivy plants using quality commercial-grade materials that last much longer now. Plus we blend UV protection into the mix during the manufacturing process. This gives our hedges the ability to look their best even in sunny areas. With faux hedges from Planters Unlimited, you'll enjoy lush greenery year-round without the effort and cost that live plants require to keep them thriving.


Functional Faux Ivy

We design our faux ivy plants to mimic the color, shape, density, and size of their live counterparts. We craft realistic molds and use quality pigments. They are hand-assembled and styled to look like the real thing. Apart from being beautiful and durable, faux hedges are also incredibly versatile. They add lush texture and vibrant greenery to any design scape. Plus our ivy hedges work well indoors and out and in commercial or residential projects. You can use faux hedges in a variety of ways - to cover unsightly walls, divide restaurant patios, line entryways, or direct traffic. Further, these faux hedges can be moved and rearranged to meet the changing needs of special events or trade shows.


Faux Hedge Sizes

Faux hedges come in the following standard height options, remember to add an additional 12" for planter height to calculate overall height:

(In inches)

  • 24H (36" overall height with planter)
  • 30H (42" overall height with planter)
  • 36H (48" overall height with planter)
  • 42H (54" overall height with planter)
  • 48H (60" overall height with planter)
  • 60H (72" overall height with planter)
  • 72H (84" overall height with planter)
  • 84H (96" overall height with planter)
  • 96H (108" overall height with planter)

We can also accommodate custom faux hedge projects. Any height and width you need, we can do. Please call us, and we’ll put you in touch with our design specialists who can provide you with information and a free estimate.

About the Modern Planter

Not only do our faux hedges look great and last for years, but the planters they come in are equally tough and fade resistant. The standard planter all our faux hedges come in is a commercial-grade fiberglass planter from our Modern Collection — this design features clean lines and smooth surfaces and compliments a variety of design styles. 

Standard Planter Sizes

(In inches)

  • 24L × 12W x 12H
  • 36L × 12W x 12H
  • 48L × 12W x 12H
  • 60L × 12W x 12H
  • 72L × 12W x 12H
  • 96L × 12W x 12H

Custom planter sizes also available, please call us for information, ideas and a free quote on any custom requests.

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