Jaadar Fiberstone Window Box

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The Jaadar Fiberstone Window Box is made from a proprietary mix of aggregate and fiberglass- so you get the look of a stone window box planter, that is actually light weight, yet tough on weather and constant moisture from watering.   We created a mold with this intricate design, and hand form each Jaadar Window Box to achieve this one of a kind look.  Our artisans then hand paint the window box to create colorations that are truly distinct and one of kind.   Comes in sizes 27" in length - 72" and measures 9" wide and 10" in height.   We have designed an integrated mounting kit using a cleat system- simply attach the stainless steel Z clips to the wall, and then hang the Jaadar Fiberstone Window Box on the Z clips.  Add the optional reservoir to make this window box self watering.

• Available in three finishes

Sizes:  Length x 9"Wide x 10"Height, drainage hole included